Simple Results | Visualization Technology®
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Visualization Technology®

Power Wishing’s effective Visualization Technology® is a productive way to be anchored to your core values as the foundation of your life. No matter what is happening in your life right now, good, bad or indifferent, no matter what you expect can happen tomorrow, by using the visualization technology you create certainty, knowing that all can shift for the better, in your favor.

  • Transform repeated emotional patterns of your past that no longer serve you and replace them with patterns that do
  • Utilize this technique to support yourself to make choices internally rather than exhaust yourself emotionally and rely on sources outside you
  • Learn the skill of witnessing; you will play out scenes in a moment’s notice to make choices that are responsive to what you wish to create, instead of reacting impulsively
  • Activate your cellular memory to create feelings that you wish to experience.
  • Quickly shift experiences that are unpleasant or painful to a feeling that serves you better
  • Clear the chaos in your life by knowing how to identify what you want
  • Enhance your life in all aspects as your Authentic Self, utilizing Visualization Technology, creating conscious wishes granted.
  • Know how to visualize effectively

Stage Your Day Technique: Setting Your Daily Intention

Your Vibrational Language is your energy that is communicating everything about you, and attracting what you expect. Taking a moment to set the direction of this energy with Anne Louise Carricarte’s Stage Your Day Technique, creates an empowering opportunity to observe how you language what you are expecting.

After creating the daily habit of using this powerful visualization technique, you will naturally experience that the emotions you designed for the “stage” of your day, become a magnet for your experiences. The Stage Your Day Technique supports you to be able to create without the interference or limitations of your personality or present circumstances. This is a life-changing technique that brings results quickly with ease.

Reboot Technique

The reboot technique is a visualization formula for quick way to focus in the moment your energy to center your intentions and anchor your expectation. An efficient way to strengthen your emotional Self before a business meeting, a family situation or simply sustain the good feeling you are feeling in moments where you may have a reaction.

Knowing the Reboot Technique allows you to use unwanted experiences as an opportunity to know the contrast and strengthen your emotional anchor and move forward with greater intensity for your best.