Simple Results | Sharing a few Testimonials about Simple Results Workshops
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Sharing a few Testimonials about Simple Results Workshops

Sharing a few Testimonials about Simple Results Workshops


“How can one describe Anne Louise? Intuitive, empathic, fine-tuned to the true source of wisdom. A deeply passionate and fearless being that is quite inspirational.  I have marveled at her prodigious skills, I have seen actual transformations in front of me and that was all it took to make a “true believer’ out of me.  I have greatly improved the efficiency of my medical practiceand team since attending her workshops. Anne Louise is not in it for the wealth or prestige, her mission is to touch as many lives as possible with her unique approach to healing. Her passion for sharing her work with others is flowing and abundant and you can be assured that you will gain new awareness and feel an amazing shift in your spirit.” – John

“Anne Louise Carricarte is intuitive, wise and compassionate beyond words. I have attended many of her workshops, seminars and lectures over the past years. During this time, I have practiced her teachings and have witnessed my life transform. Anne Louise has given me simple methods to apply in my daily life.  These tools have allowed me to release certain belief systems that were no longer serving my highest good. As simple as removing an article of clothing, I tossed each aside. I learned the discipline of showing up everyday as my true self, and to quiet the constant chatter of internal voices delivering messages often filled with misconceptions about my abilities, my desires, my goals and myself. I learned to focus, to create my world as I desire it, and to watch the results unfold before my eyes. I am inspired to live my life with greater clarity, self respect, passion and purpose.”  Hilda

“Anne Louise has been a vehicle for change in my life. Always a positive person, the effects of an emotionally charged work environment began to consume my energy. My confidence waned and I began to question my decisions. I had reached a crossroads in my life and was in desperate need of direction. I was blessed to meet Anne Louise. She did not tell me what to do or what decisions to make. She simply provided me with the tools to succeed.  Once you attend one of her seminars, you too will be overcome with a sense of clarity that will propel you to achieve your “maximum potential” in life. She teaches you to be in control and to shift your habits to support the results that you desire. It just felt so easy.”  – James

“Anne Louise’s work and her tools are truly a formula that has helped me navigate through my challenges. Out of a bad situation, I have found renewed strength spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I am immensely grateful to Anne Louise and her courses at Simple Results® for encouraging this shift of energy within me. She is truly able to inspire a positive shift in your being quickly and with such ease! It has made a tremendous impact on my life and my business.”  – Ingrid

“Watching Anne Louise in her element is magical.  She is an exceptional teacher, an inspiration and an incredible mentor.  Anne Louise teaches in a way that is so easy to understand and simple to comprehend.  Simple Results are the two perfect words to describe what these lectures have created in my life after I attended! What a brilliant name! I walked out of Anne Louise’s course empowered by all the tools and skills she shared with us. I know that by implementing what I learned in this course, I am already manifesting everything without any doubts or fears. Anne Louise helped me to remember who I am in spirit and that accomplishing my work and responsibilities every day does not need to be a struggle!”  – Cynthia

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing such an incredible job supporting the staff here at Miami Dade College at our North Campus Staff Day. I wish your lecture was three times as long because I learned so much about myself in the brief time we spent together. I really appreciate your support and I really look forward to attending another lecture soon. I felt so much better after that brief session and I am amazed at how much insight I gained about myself in such a short time. Thank you! I truly think you’re awesome!”   Audrey

“The time I spent at Anne Louise Carricarte’s workshop was a real breakthrough for me on many levels. I feel like I was immediately able to witness habits that did not serve me and I am now shifting them to be more supportive of the life that I aspire to lead. I am grateful to Simple Results and appreciate Anne Louise taking her time to share her gift and her useful tools with us. The results feel enormous but my effort to change things feels quite simple.” – Andrew

“Anne Louise Carricarte’s lecture at Nova University was fabulous! I can’t thank her enough for such a wonderful and inspiring lecture. She is the real deal!! I am blessed to have had the opportunity to attend. It was so refreshing to meet someone that teaches about the power of universal laws and who understands how important thoughts and language really are! It validates all the wonderful things I know to be true and continue to learn as I deepen my practice of manifesting all of the dreams and goals I have in my life and for my community.” – Belkys

“WOW! The Simple Results course that I attended has changed my life. It has brought me a peace my soul was longing for. Anne Louise’s course made me believe again and now I feel I can start to imagine the life I had thought possible only in dreams.” – Tanya

“Anne Louise’s workshops and courses are so informative, inspiring and stimulating. I have regained the confidence that I really do have all the answers inside me – and now I know how to unlock them! I have so much gratitude for Anne Louise. I have learned so much and I have witnessed results beyond my expectations.”  Jose

“The concept of “simply receiving all that you deserve” sounds so simple, but prior to working with Anne Louise Carricarte and taking part of the Simple Results® workshops, this was an elusive concept to me. In matters of both the mind and the heart, once there is an aligned and sincere vision, or as Anne Louise refers to it – your authentic self, the “doing” becomes effortless.  What greater gift can one have than to simply receive all that you deserve? Anne Louise gives us the tools to do just that. Whether you are a CEO, a mother, a lover or a friend, we all can benefit from applying the skills learned at the Simple Results® workshop. I have applied the tools to all facets of my life and multiple relationships.  I highly recommend Anne Louise Carricarte as the first step to creating a positive change in your life.” – Tina

“Anne Louise’s courses showed me a door to a totally new perspective. Attending her workshop has been a powerful personal experience that I am certain will better my life. I feel like I have regained my clarity, confidence, and harmony, and that is priceless.” – Brian

“Anne Louise’s courses have given me awareness and helped me heal my heart as well as my spirit. I am now open to what life brings me instead of living in fear. As a result, I am experiencing the wonder and beauty of life and it feels like I am living for the first time. All of Anne Louise’s workshops and courses are gifts that continue to revive your wellbeing. I feel like I absorbed the information so quickly, and since the course, the process of creating positive results has been accelerated. She has a very unique ability to support each person in a group setting to absorb the information with grace and ease and at a rate that they can handle for your highest good. It’s pretty magical! Thank you for being a catalyst to such tremendous positive change in my life!”  Alina

“I feel very honored and grateful to have taken this course with Anne Louise. It had a kindness and a lightness that blew me away, touched my heart, healed my ‘stuff’ and brought me to a place where I now know I can work through anything. I’m in a blanket of love because of the space Anne Louise creates and holds for us.  The depth was incredible and yet it felt so easy. I feel so blessed that my life flows freely and consistently with grace and ease. Thank you Anne Louise!” – Melissa