Simple Results | Emotional Imagination®
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Emotional Imagination®

Your emotions are your internal navigation system, a “GPS.” Power Wishing is designed to strengthen your trust of your emotions. Knowing thy emotional Self activates your connection with your internal emotional GPS to guide you.

Being emotional is natural; suppressing and denying your emotions is not.

Your Emotional GPS is there as an asset to direct your experiences to be aligned with who you are authentically. Our emotions are a productive way to manifest.

Emotional GPS

  • Envision yourself as a chemist playing with formulas, and as you experiment with different formulas or different emotions, you come up with different experiences. If there is an aspect that you love about your life, you can “pump up the volume” and enhance the feeling of this. If there is an aspect of your life that is not a wish you would like to have, you will have the ability to formulate it to another possibility.
  • Strengthen your Self internally by trusting the support of your emotional GPS; Trust your Emotional GPS to recognize opportunities that are in your favor, even if it does not look that way in the moment
  • Become more playful with the opportunities that come into your life and witness your wishes being granted in ways that are beyond your dreams

Building & Enhancing Relationships

Know how to create the best opportunity for having the best outcome in your relationships. This is a skill you can master using Anne Louise Carricarte’s formula and techniques from Power Wishing.

  • Build relationships that reinforce what you love about your Self
  • Understand how to create healthy boundaries in challenging relationships
  • Strengthen the ability to share your emotions authentically
  • Know how to share your experiences with others without feeling the need for validation or desire to control another
  • Release feeling the need to have permission for your choices
  • Release others from being responsible for your choices
  • Identify clearly what you desire in a relationship
  • Naturally engage consciously with communication that honors the relationship
  • Trust your authentic Self to make healthy choices
  • Create relationships you wish for without having several negative ones to know what you want
  • Reinforce being the example of what you believe is possible
  • Be able to let go of relationships that are not healthy without the drama

Life is precious, and we have so many opportunities to love, live life to the fullest and experience wellbeing and joy with those we care for.