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Entrepreneurship Life Skills for Visible Impact

Everything that we become in our life and everything that we create is based on how we define ourselves and what we believe is possible. How we choose to define ourselves is what creates our choices, and in turn our choices create our reality. When the definition of our Self stems from what we truly value in ourselves, we build a life from choices that support and reinforce these values.

Imagine our young people as entrepreneurs who hold the vision of how they define themselves with honor and integrity towards others. Imagine them attaining the skill of using their imagination and thoughts to strengthen this positive vision of themselves. Imagine them easily feeling proud to set healthy boundaries motivated by self-discipline that serve their entrepreneurial Self.

This will be entrepreneurship in action that effects positive change in every area. This is a skill our youth must master to enhance their lives. Therefore, the VISIBLE Workshops focus on a number of key concepts:

  • Communicating effectively with others even in times when they feel challenged
  • Defining dignity, courage, respect, boundaries, and honor for themselves and towards others
  • Respecting their ‘No’ and that of others
  • Defining and holding their personal boundaries with esteem
  • Clarifying why listening to oneself is more beneficial than listening to others when it feels wrong
  • Establishing how they define themselves as an Entrepreneur
  • Determining how their definition as an Entrepreneur will make an impact in the world
  • Identifying themselves with the voice of their best self
  • Developing forgiveness towards themselves and others
  • Recognizing patterns that are unhealthy and knowing how to break them
  • Learning to recognize and celebrate their success verses only recognizing where they have failed
  • Identifying the safe people in their life
  • Using their emotions as the ‘gut’ to gauge their choices to trust themselves
  • Hearing the voice in their head as a cheerleader to their core values
  • Letting go of the voices of others who wish to define them in ways that are not productive
  • Teaching consent and defining what is acceptable to them
  • Discerning when they are being bullied and/or disempowered
  • Learning how to deal with anger
  • Teaching to live with Self-acceptance of who they are
  • Appreciating the differences in themselves and others

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