Simple Results | Professional Business Development
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Professional Business Development

Simple Results® offers customized leadership programs to address the needs that best suit your company in shifting patterns that do not support your vision for success.

Anne Louise Carricarte’s Business ResultShops® are powerful, inspirational and effective in creating corporate wellbeing and success. They were developed for companies and organizations to strengthen strategic leadership abilitiesbuild trust amongst team members, and provide support for a dynamic work environment. Simple Results® offers a range of executive courses that humanize the work experience into a culture that reflects the bounty of high performance that is connected to the heart and soul of each individual. By focusing on the individual’s wellbeing and how each person is valued and accountable for contributing to the whole, participants unite in a collective effort to improve their own personal wellbeing and work experience, which in turn leads to improved efficiency, quality and success for the company as a whole.

Simple Results’ Business ResultShops® are structured in a straightforward and engaging manner to support cultures to function at their full potential with a sense of excitement for what is being accomplished. The courses support you to develop core functional capabilities that enhance both your personal growth and your professional capacity. We believe that successful strategic leadership depends on effective communication, efficient use of your emotional intelligence, and the enhanced ability to make rewarding decisions on a day-to-day basis. The Business ResultShops® thoroughly navigate and examine workplace communication, teamwork, diversity, coping skills, leadership, expansion and management strategies, amongst other topics.

Please contact or call (305) 987-0345 for more information on creating a customized ResultShop® program for your group or business.