Simple Results | Power Wishing®
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Power Wishing®

Your life is yours to design.

This uplifting book is entertaining and insightful revealing formulas that will ignite your capacity to design a life that is happening FOR you, not TO you.

As you deepen your mastery of Power Wishing® techniques, witness your very own definition of life unfold before you and live that definition to the fullest.

You have an internal system that activates your life. Power Wishing formulas educate you in a practical sense to know how to use your internal system for defining and having a life YOU choose, not one chosen for you.

Power Wishing empowers you to create a life that enhances all that you genuinely love.


Make your desires and your every-day life experience a wish granted.

As you become proficient in using the Power Wishing formulas, your life flows with the unknown as an adventure; your imagination and beliefs become your strength; and positive emotions are the guide to fulfilling your soul. Power Wishing will reinforce the total certainty of your spiritual connection to the love and light that surrounds you, creating enhanced peace with all that you are.

Power Wishing is a discovery of greater places of peace within as you eliminate self-created chaos and unnecessary drama. As you deepen your skill in these techniques, you will recognize the cause of any situation to create a different outcome.

In your reading, you will learn to use your Emotional Imagination® as your emotional intelligence by implementing our Visualization Technology®, to accurately identify your feelings, and choose how to activate them to best serve you. Visualization Technology will ignite your capacity to expand your life proactively and not by the default of circumstances.

Power Wishing systematically partners your emotions, heart, mind and soul, along with your senses, to be in synergy to manifest your wishes. This synergy is called your Vibrational Language, what many refer to as your VIBE, and it gives a blueprint to direct Source Energy or the Universe to co-create with you. You will observe your genuine self joyfully take full accountability for creating your world with your Emotional Imagination® as your greatest resource.

Power Wishing® will reinforce you to:

  • Enhance your healthy emotions.
  • Honor the power of your emotions.
  • Know how to identify and shift beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • Be the “Master of your Emotions” and use them as your greatest asset.
  • Enhance your life experiences and your surroundings as a reflection of your best self.
  • Stop negatively comparing yourself to others.
  • Value your experiences not as right or wrong but as a resource.
  • Use your imagination as the tool that influences your results.
  • Write the script of your life for YOU.
  • Know how to witness your life as a movie and respond rather than react to situations.
  • Recognize that your perception is creating your outcome.
  • Learn the skill of shifting your perception in the moment to align with your desires.
  • Easily be your authentic Self.
  • Release the need for struggle, drama or negative attention in your life.
  • Release shame and guilt.
  • Create the habit of appreciation as the point of reference that attracts your experiences.
  • Master the technology of Power Wishing® and quickly turn your wishes into your reality.