Simple Results | Language Your Life®
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Language Your Life®

Words are powerful. Language allows us to communicate our thoughts and emotions, connects us to others, and undeniably influences our life experiences and wellbeing. Anne Louise Carricarte’s Language Your Life® course series explores linguistic formulas that support you to create vibrant relationships, positive outcomes and consistent results.

Explore the influence your words have on your life and learn to shift your language into an empowering and valuable tool. Gain awareness and discover how to create clear and cooperative communication within all of your relationships. Whether you are managing a team at work, enhancing a partnership, parenting a child, supporting a friend, or simply waiting patiently on the check out line, discover what your verbal and body language is really saying.

This results-orientated workshop quickly supports your ability to create clear and effective communication that will increase your awareness of how your linguistic foundation influences your life and how you can create positive results by shifting your language.

Learn these effective techniques and more:

  • Create cooperative and clear communication
  • Deepen your insight of empowering vs. disempowering language
  • Proactively deal with emotional situations
  • Know how to effectively communicate challenging feelings with ease
  • Use “Power Words” and useful tools to manifest consistent results
  • Shift your language to create relationships that are vibrant and cooperative
  • Understand the importance of responding versus reacting through language
  • Understand nonverbal behaviors that can be louder than words
  • Explore the impact and influence of words such as “Always”, “Never”, “Try”, “But” and “I Guess”

Language Your Life®: Effectively Communicating as a Conscious Parent

Anne Louise Carricarte combines years experience as a successful business consultant with her amazing gift as an inspirational teacher and Results Coach to support participants to embody their best self and live an authentic, inspired and prosperous life. The safe space created by the Simple Results team allows for an encouraging environment for participants to create awareness, shift habits and accelerate in learning the Simple Results tools and techniques to create success.

Explore the influence your words have on your life and learn valuable and empowering tools. Through awareness, you will enhance the bond, the cooperation and the development of your child in a harmonious way that benefits everyone in your family. Shift motivating your child through fear of consequences, to knowing how to verbalize your wishes in a supportive way that will inspire them to want to be the best they can be.

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